Trade Mark Registration Endowed Upon Blue Copper

Trade Mark Registration Endowed Upon Blue Copper

We know that what lies in the name. However, in a business name is a big factor and above a name is the onset of Trademark.

Do you know the difference between a Business Brand Name and a Trade Mark?

Many do not know and even if they know, we know it in a semi-digestible manner.

The field of idea protection, loosely termed intellectual property (IP), is not just for gadgets any longer — it is now a mainstay of how business is done. These IP rights are typically patents for technical inventions (called “utility patents” in the U.S.). However, Trade Marks are for brands that earlier just had the name but no unique identity of its own. It is a copyright for artistic creations and design patents for new industrial designs.

IP rights are only useful if others know that you have protected your ideas. Nobody is under an obligation to do a search to see whether your idea has been protected before they launch their own version. Therefore, we need to make sure that our patent numbers are displayed on the product, that the letters “TM” are shown next to your brand (or ® if it has been officially registered) or with a design.

And we are happy to announce that we received this “TM” mark. Now get all our products with a licensed Trademark or patent numbers and stay carefree with whatever you buy and with high security.

We love our brand, so we want you to love it too. So here’s the first step to build a new and unique identity.


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