Top 10 Agile Product Engineering Principles We Follow at Blue Copper Tech

Top 10 Agile Product Engineering Principles We Follow at Blue Copper Tech

We know how the product companies evolve daily in order to keep up with the technology landscape. You will come across a number of multiple business opportunities for the product engineering service provider, but these companies are unable to leverage them due to a number of challenges. Some of the common challenges that product engineering services face are achieving the faster time to reach out to the market, engineering on both web and mobile products, providing a smooth user experience to the users and finally curbing the total market risk of launching such a product.

As per a report from the Atlassian, more than 80 percent of the software organizations practises agile development to mitigate a number of challenges and GTM fast.

And as a product development company in India and functional in our USA locations as well, we at Blue Copper tech have outlined the agile product engineering practices such as –

  1. Daily Standups
  2. Automated Functional Testing
  3. Communication with client in a two-way model
  4. Overlap with client’s time zone
  5. Test-driven development model

Apart from the above principles we are going to highlight those main 10 principles in our product engineering services that has helped to keep us wayahead in the market. All of these ten principles guarantees faster time to the market.

1. With our agile product development methods we ensure continuous delivery

We make sure that we maintain a continuous delivery of products that can roll out in the market faster. With the help of the early market feedback we can easily accommodate the changes and develop some of the profitable products that is sure to rock the bottom lines. We make sure at BCT that test-driven product engineering services is in full swing from the early stage to get instant gratification.


2. Need to welcome changing requirements, even if it comes in the later phase of the product development.

As an agile product development company in India, we have seen that agile is something that harness a competitive advantage for the client. Change is something that is only constant in the product engineering services. So we keep on incorporating feedback at every stage, even if it is last phase of product development. We make sure there is a quick implementation and the market is not compromised by any chance.

3. Delivery at shorter timescale

Some may askl that delivery in shorter sprints or timescale can hamper the development of the product. But that is not the instance. Delivering a fully functional product is much easy with agile process. The traditional process of gathering the document, takes a hell lot of time. By trimming the time between planning and delivery we can ensure working on a product in shorter time scale, evolving with the constant change request that a client provides.

4. We ensure that management and developers work co-jointly

At our product development company in India, we make sure that there is a constant communication between our development SPOC and the clients. For a clear understanding, with no time gap customer gets faster time to release their product with shorter developments.

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5. We are agile as we hate micromanagement

We do not like to micromanage our people. We trust them. Thus we given them the environment and support they require unlike other product engineering services provider. We have handpicked some of the best talents from the market who are efficient enough to deliver a product. We keep our team at Blue Copper Tech motivated and trust them completely for successful and time delivery of projects.

6. We embark on face-to-face conversation

For product engineering services, and when it changes to agile mode we believe more in face-to-face discussions, more feedback,. Questions and solutions to accelerate the projects and reduce the time to launch it in the market. Our team uses a number of video chatting tools to set up personal meetings time to time and carry on a detailed communication.

7. For sustainable development we love being agile

As a product development company in India, we love being agile as it ensures sustainable development. The developers and users should be able to maintain a constant flow and undergo test driven implementation the whole time. It should be carried out at the same pace ensuring sustainability, that might hamper the long time project goals.

8. Continuous attention for technical excellence

As soon as you enter the product engineering services lifecycle at BCT, you will find a focus on the technical excellence always. Clean coding is something on which you need to focus along with constant iteration. Our agile development team exactly follows this process along with SCRUM to review the product development at every stage.

9. We keep everything stupidly simple.

When we embark on product engineering services we make sure that we are always KISSing – (Keeping it simple stupid). We do not go for lengthy coding as it does not help to build a great product. We focus on eliminating the extra process and reduce waste creating a lean process.

10. We focus on building self-organized teams for product engineering services

The BCT team does not need a single project manager to lead and guide the project. If teams have all the necessary roles and skills to see what we wanted is what we got, then it becomes easy to organize and comes up with product designs and architecture at their own.
Agile is a surefire way to build disruptive products and launch them ahead of the competition. We will be also sharing a number of insights about the effective product engineering services in our future blogs that will help you to understand how our team at Blue Copper tech stay agile and make customers smile at every stage of development.

If you come up with any more additional best practice, share it with us in the comment box below. We’ll be glad to know them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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