SkillBPM Vocational Training Management Software

SkillBPM Vocational Training Management System

SkillBPM is a comprehensive business process management solution for vocational and skill development organizations.Managing large-scale, government sponsored vocational training programs is a major challenge in itself, simply because of the very unique nature of such training operations along with the work flow and data compliance management needs. Operationally successful and commercially viable training programs need a BPM solution that –

Forms the backbone and is able to efficiently and seamlessly handle, track and govern the unique process cycles, a variety of stakeholders and large quantity of data.

Ensures optimum utilisation of all enterprise assets, skills and resources & ensures diligent monitoring of the processes to maximum revenue realisation & profitability.

Prevents information slippage and revenue pilferage.

Supports comprehensive documentation, reporting and their efficient work flow.

Provides for dose collaboration with government agencies and adherence to all compliance and statutory norms.

Improves productivity, maximises revenue and strengthens profitability.

SkillBPM Vocational Training Management Software: Key Points

SkillBPM Vocational Training Management System: WorkFlow

SkillBPM Highlights

Auto scrutiny of beneficiary data like online Aadhaar validation

Easy & flexible deployment on-premise as well as on the cloud

Integration possible with third party tools/applications leveraging APIs

Franchise/centre quality control and assurance with proper documentation and audit reports

Bio-metric and manual attendance both for faculty and beneficiaries

Logistics tracking of issues like stipend, toolkit, study material, certificate distribution and delivery

Assessment management and skill improvement statistics

Event management and tracking like job fairs, seminars, employer visit

Escalation matrix and mechanism for pending/stalled project activities

Visualisation of upcoming delivery and payment milestones

Smart reports, KPls, notifications for seamless project delivery

Centralize beneficiary data management with testimonials

Project work-flow automation for government sponsor vocational training /skill development programs

Comprehensive project documentation right from mandate management to beneficiary assessment and placement reports and documentation

Fast and effective way of online assessment, validation and 'on-boarding' of a centre/franchise into the system

Hassle free upload of institutional, academic and operational data into government agency portals

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