Stick to your agile practices

Working on projects or collaborating as a team was never as much fun or as easy as it is with ‘Optimore’. It is an agile, adaptive and uninterrupted process management framework. It has project wise boards consisting customizable bays where in teams can incorporate their projects: set-up, manage and optimize their project activities, collaborate, monitor and trace the project life cycles and their comprehensive work-flow. It resides on a strong platform of analytical algorithms. Using robust back-end analytical algorithms and machine learning techniques, teams may derive visual representation of the good, the bad and even the ugly with crisp recommendations on project planning, estimations, costing, deployment, team formation, collaboration strategies, dependencies, occurrences, etc. This tool comprises of various utilities which eases delivery teams’ lives while adopting agile practices. Greater control on deliverables, clearer management perspective on delivery mile-stones, ease and flexibility in accommodating changing customer requirements and priorities, ease of team and document collaboration, improved quality of output, quicker time-to-market and stronger return-on-investment are the primary benefits that project delivery and product engineering teams derive out of ‘Optimore’.

Many Uses… One Solution…

Product ManagementManaging your ideas & brainstorming session outcome
Project AdministrationManaging events, launches and releases involving cross-functional teams
Sales AdministrationManaging road maps, milestones & pipelines
Purchase ManagementManaging orders or purchases from customer
Document ManagementManaging & collaborating over an easy-to-access document repository
Recruitment ManagementManaging people & processes during on-boarding
HR ManagementEmployee relationship management & feedback mechanism
PMOSetting-up, tracking and managing all tasks and stakeholders for IT & non-IT projects

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Android & iOS versions

Optimore has a mobile version, which allow you to manage your tasks any where any time

Opt for SaaS model

Willing not to take operational burden? Opt for our SaaS service, where we will host customised environment for you

On premises installation

Implement Optimore at your premises with lean hardware requirement and extremely high performance