JStack Enterprise Application Migration Services

A complete enterprise application building platform

Why JStack?

Rapid Application Development and Data Analytics are two major concerns of any business today. Organizations do have their internal Business Processes, Applications and Enterprise Information Systems but in cases they are discrete in nature.

Today’s applications are by nature Network enabled, distributed in nature and talk to different systems. Building such an application from scratch means making right technology decisions and proven architecture, which does not limit the capabilities, but extend it from every aspect like functional behaviour, data integration & security.

Importantly, organizations are gathering data from different sources like their Applications, Portals, 3rd party Systems. Often there are integrations points where constant real-time data acquisition is needed. In addition there are Process Integration, Business Rules, and Data Analytics across the whole landscape.

Our platform solves these problems, so we are free to focus on solving your business requirements.

Make integration easier; use JStack

No matter the data quantity is small or very large, there is a need to extract value from data. Scalability is an important thing here and scalability does not only mean scaling up; it means scaling down to business requirement as well. We have already deployed Applications built on top of JStack in different domains, Trust us:

  • E-Commerce Data Integration
  • Loyalty Point Management
  • Project Management Portal
  • Call Detail Analysis
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Cloud computing & Services

Data Acquisition

Handles multiple data sources in a single ETL file, Flexible error handling, Duplicate File Handling, Built-in adapters for popular databases

Data Visualization

Powerful Designer Tool, Component-based model for reuse, Extensible and flexible data access and handling, Localization and i18n

Integration & Services

Integrated Access Control, REST API for client access, Pluggable Cipher for High Security, Resource Based Access Control, Optional REST API for reading & storing, scheduling service

Reports & Alerts

Powerful but simple rule engine, Decision table or free form rules, Modular reporting mechanism, Third party report engine integration facility

JStack Highlights

Event Driven & Scheduled Workflow

Process Automation, Smart Scheduling support

Data Extraction & Loading Engine

Lightweight but scalable Data Extraction, Integration and Analysis Framework

Connectors NoSQL Databases

Pluggable Architecture For single node processing or Hadoop Cluster

Data Analytics & Dashboards

Quickly load and start analyzing different Data Formats

Streaming & Batch Rule Engine

Continuous & Automated Analysis of Data & Flexible Business Rules

Extendible Business Function Library

Scales Up & Down as per Business Requirement. Reduces OPEX

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