Friend-Fun-Family – A Day Out for Team BCT

Friend-Fun-Family - A Day Out for Team BCT

Do you love to go to office daily – raise your hands?

I know, I can hear the noise from this end. It’s a big NO.

None of us like going to office daily. That’s why we have breaks after five days of a monotonous journey. Not that we don’t enjoy work, but at times we miss the fun.

This year Blue Copper thought to add some special dose of fun to the life of their team players. They wanted to make their weekend special.

No more just sleeping on the bed, chatting with your friend of social channels or reading a book – we wanted our team members to feel happy with their family.

Thus a family outing all together to Ibiza Merlin Resort was planned on 16th December.

Agenda for the D-Day

We will not like to claim that the day was so great! We missed some people as all could not turn up for prior engagements – since you know winters brings too much activities in our life. Wedding, anniversaries, outings, trips and holidays. But those who were a part of it – you need to watch them!

Let us not bore you with a constant read – enjoy the fun photographs and check the ear to ear smile on each face!


Water water everywhere – loads to play water polo!


You will have someone selfie-ready always! #prettyfaces made for the camera


A game of Table Tennis – Who won at the end? Keep guessing….


If girls can pose – how can boys be far behind – #dudes for the camera


I missed that extra F in Friend-Fun-Family, there should be “Food” as well  #foodporn #foodlovers


Even kids and their Mom was having fun!


A game of cricket in the winters – is a must

Share your thoughts. Share the blog and shout out that is 2018 we will have more fun, more food and a bigger family get together!


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