Blue Copper Technologies Ranks Among Top Software Developer in India by Clutch!

Blue Copper Technologies Ranks Among Top Software Developer in India by Clutch!

When it comes to delivering value to our customers, we are highly on toes. No matter what service we deliver to your team commitment drives us strong. Our mission is to empower our clients by building impactful partnerships and leveraging the most up to date software development practices to generate quality and excellence. Whether we work with your team to provide product engineering, technology migration, enterprise app development, or big data analytics, we are inspired to see your business grow. Hence, we got thrilled when they acknowledged our efforts and enabled us to be named as the leading software developer from India by Clutch!

Headquartered & with the R & D center at Kolkata’s Salt Lake Sector-V, Blue Copper founded in 2012 by a group of Industry veterans with over 100 years of collective experience. Our company has the single objective to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. With huge customer database spanning across North America, Europe, South East Asia and India. Blue copper Technology has been awarded as ‘ The Best Entrepreneur Recognition’ by the prestigious Bengal Chamber of Commerce in 2016. We are very grateful for the connections we have with all of our existing and happy clients, like ExhibitView Solutions, PointWorthy, OnlineKars and UCA General Insurance. Clutch connects businesses and identifies leading performers, who receive industry recognition for their excellent services.

All of these businesses have taken the time to share their experiences with our custom software development services. Another client, Redhammer LLC, recently gave a perfect 5.0 star review for its partnership with Blue Copper Technologies. Redhammer LLC hired us to create a user-friendly interface to extract accounting data more easily to import to its database. We streamlined extraction from multiple software packages and created a single database for reports. According to their CEO, the tools we designed have improved efficiency and standardized reporting. From a project management standpoint, Redhammer LLC applauded our organization, responsiveness, and consistency in meeting deadlines. We are happy to receive a perfect 5.0 star review.

Thanks to Clutch who are a successful B2B ratings and review platform with tens of thousands of company profiles. Clutch analysts carefully evaluate industry data, brand reputation, and most importantly, client testimonials to craft authentic descriptions of a business and its services. The analysts of Clutch evaluate companies based on their quality of service and deliverables, cost value, willingness to refer, and ability to meet deadlines. Clutch connects businesses and identifies leading performers, who receive industry recognition for their excellent services. Check out a summary of a raving review below!

We are thankful to our clients, without whom this distinction wouldn’t be possible. This positive feedback inspires us to keep innovating and optimizing our services. In the words of our founder:

“We are absolutely thrilled and honored with this award.
The team effort has shown a radical change.”

Arunabha Ghosh, Founder & CEO, Blue Copper Technologies

If you want to take the next step to transform your business, whether that is from software development to big data analytics, please reach out to us!


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