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Product engineering is in our DNA

Team Blue Copper collectively has 100+ years of experience in Product Engineering and Development. We are working for both our internal Product development as well as for our clients. For both kind of engagement, Blue Copper has experience and expertise in managing and executing projects of varying sizes and its mature application development process comprises the entire SDLC. A robust application maintenance process, developed and fine-tuned over 15 years, allows effective capture, reporting and resolution of requests


MODULAR: Unique modular approaches allow customers to start with one application and add the other modules later at their own convenience. Customers keep the benefits of integrated software but avoid the downsides of a “big bang” project.

AFFORDABLE: Built on Open Source Stack, the Solution is very affordable. The complete set of services provides great value to the customers.

FLEXIBLE: Allows customization and integration to greater extent which help sculpturing business processes very well.

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SIMPLISTIC: Optimore uses a vary simple way of managing task, which is proven and being used in industry for last 50 long years. Its really hassle free and easy to learn.

LIGHT WEIGHT: Optimore runs on php framework and has very low resource demand. Where as it has been well designed to give optimal performance.

FULL COVERAGE: This tool has ability to trace a bug right from its origin, meaning you can have tractability matrix on each and every entity logged in the tool. It almost covers every aspect of project task tracking.

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